February 23, 2005
Description, demo added to site
February 11, 2005
PHPImage Debuts on SourceForge.net

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NOTE: The full site is not yet available, so the above links don't work.

What is PHPImage?

PHPImage is a script that will take directories containing photos, and arrange them into an organized format in a web page. Key features of PHPImage include:

To see an implementation of PHPImage, please click on the demo button at left. Please keep in mind that PHPImage is in beta. If there are any problems encountered, or if there is something you would like changed, please email us.

Where can I get PHPImage?

The current version of PHPImage (0.3.1) is NOT available for download at this time. Version 0.3.2 is currently in development, and both 0.3.1 and a beta version of 0.3.2 will be released in the coming days. The script will be available both from this page and from SourceForge.

Future Releases

Features currently planned for future releases include:

Contact the PHPImage Team